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                 Emma Keskin
                   MS, LGPC


About Emma

Do you feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed? Do you need help navigating through challenging transitions? Assistance in learning skills to manage and decrease anxiety, perfectionism and stress or improve your relationships with others? Want to invest in personal growth? 

Emma has a passion for emotional wellness, self-discovery, empowerment and social justice. She embraces individuality, acceptance, compassion, and curiosity and believes that each person has the right to choose and defend their own beliefs, identity, and life. Investing in yourself can be the most rewarding process one can experience because personal growth leads to improvement in all areas of life. Humans are imperfect, flawed, unique and beautiful and their capacity is limitless.

Emma specializes in working with people who are seeking help in managing stress, perfectionism, anxiety, regulating emotions, boosting self-worth, improving communication and relationships, investing in personal growth and development and making changes that lead to significant progress, growth, and transformation. Kids and teens do not express emotions and feelings like adults do. Instead, they communicate through behavior and play (that includes teenagers). Emma possesses a diverse range of experience and tools that can help to guide your child toward more positive and creative emotional outlets. Sometimes picking up the phone to call a therapist can be uncomfortable... especially if it's your first time. Emma is easy to talk with and will take the time to listen carefully and set a plan that you feel most comfortable with.


Emma provides a warm, welcoming environment for you to feel safe to explore your thoughts and feelings. I have received extensive training in several evidence-based practice models including CBT, DBT, and Narrative therapy and her approach incorporates a variety of tools and strategies to help you boost your confidence and self-esteem, decrease stress and painful emotions, manage anxiety and perfectionism, improve relationships, reprocess traumatic experiences and make changes that lead to significant progress and transformation in your life! Emma believes that the key elements of healing are establishing a therapeutic relationship based on safety and trust, enhancing self-awareness, exploring limiting beliefs and behaviors, incorporating mindfulness skills, and developing strategies for making appropriate behavioral changes in order to achieve healing, growth and recovery. She has experience working with age 3-70.

Emma specializes in: 



Learning Disabilities 

Personality disorders
Interpersonal effectiveness and communication skills
Highly accomplished but struggling to find happiness
Supporting individuals in approaching and managing co-parenting
Self-doubt, questioning and negative view of self
Personal growth goals
Anxiety and intrusive worry thoughts


Identity issues



Emma is fully booked at this time and not accepting new clients.
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