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Our Mission & Values

We want you to feel comfortable in trusting the vulnerability in opening yourself up to the therapy process.  We believe visability into our company will help you trust that you are in good hands with this journey. 

Mission Statement

Transforming the lives of individuals and couples by empowering them to discover their strongest self. We do this  by honoring and supporting the healing journey of the past, so they can move forward creating their most authentic life with clarify, peace and harmony. 

                                                    Company Values:


  • Excel in Competence & Professionalismwe will never take on a client we do not know we can help. We will refer any clients that we don't feel fully competent to help. We would rather have happy clients then full schedules. 


  • Supervision/Consultation: Always making sure we are at our best emotionally, physically and financially so we are OUR strongest selves for our clients. This includes our own self care. 


  • Never Finish LearningWhile we have extensive training, and experience, we engage in constant learning, and growing both professionally and personally. We will never be too confident to believe we know it all. We always want to be learning in the counseling field and what our clients need from us. We are open to feedback and other's perspectives. 


  • Honesty & Integrity: The work with the clients will always be due to our professional belief that what is being done or suggested is in the best interest of the client's needs.This will be the number one priority, and not the financial gain or otherwise of the company. 

These are the foundations to our company. We promise these values to our clients and everyone in and in dealings with The Inner Self Healing Center, LLC. 

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