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Gay Couple with their Daughter

Discovery in one's sexuality and gender can be a confusing process, especially when society has certain "norms". This process  can be challenging when you are trying to figure out your own identity, or you know it and family members and friends are not supportive. You deserve a non-judgmental, safe place to process all of your experiences. For some, the gender and sexuality process is solidified early in life, for others it is a daily, location or gradual process. We will honor exactly where you are now as part of the natural process. In specific we work with:

  • Transgender

  • Gender Fluid

  • Gender Hybrids

  • Gender Ambidextrous

  • Gender Queer

  • Agender

  • Bisexual

  • Gay 

  • Pansexual

  • Polyamorous relationships 

This list is always growing as is the expressions and understanding. At the Inner Self Healing Center we believe everyone deserves to live in their truest, most authentic self. You were born perfectly in who you truly are. When people hold in their true self and needs, it creates anxiety, depression, low self concept, hyper fight/flight responses and limits a live fully lived and enjoyed. We want you to find your inner light, and empower you in navigating all of life's challenges.  Some of the issues we address are:​

Navigating the self process around identify and/or sexuality

How to present to others in work/school 

Anxiety, and trauma around discriminatory interactions and experiences 

Low self worth & Depression 

Navigating hormonal or life changes 

Navigating multiple partners into a safe, healthy dynamic 

Supporting processing any change in sexuality with gender identity changes

Helping families and friends understand and support the LGBTQIA+ family member

We offer a confidential, FREE 15 min initial consultation. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable before the therapy process begins. 

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