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Women's Issues

Women's Issues

Being a woman has its incredible gifts. Women are intuitive, nurturing and compassionate. It can also be hard to manage all of the roles and the deep desire to do perfectly in all of these roles. At Inner Self Healing Center, we identify a female as body, hormones, preferred or part of the gender identify.  


Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You try and be the best mother, daughter, sister, friend, worker you can but feel that you are failing each day in all of these roles?


  • You spend the close of each day thinking of all the things you should have done and didn't get to. You think about all the things you didn't do well enough. 


  • You think if you were only smarter, better, worked harder you could have accomplished all of the things you wanted, in a better way. 


  • Making time for self care, only stresses you out more because it's taking away from other things you should be doing. 


When we have compassion and empathy, we want to give to everyone we care about, but there is not enough time or energy each day. Humans often live from a fear base, fear of other people's suffering. Fear of having to run around taking care of everyone and everything or someone else suffers. We fear important things will not be done, if we don't do them. This is an exhausting mentality. 

We can help empower you! We will honor the internal strengths and resources you already have to find the most authentic you! When you feel intuitively  confident you can manage, prioritize, communicate and adjust from a strength  based, not fear based in managing everyone else needs. This includes your own needs!

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