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Life Transitions

Life Transitions & Relationships

Life transitions can be hard. Whether you are moving, changing jobs, adding to your family or any other of life's changes, it can be challenging to navigate these new aspects of your life, while staying true and grounded in yourself.

We understand often times family dynamics can be difficult. How do you take care of the other people you love, everyone's needs (who often clash) and stay true to what YOU need? Often times, your needs get included last to make everyone else happy, or at least suffer less. Who do you choose, give resources to, honor and not completely  loose yourself?

Your emotions are telling you something. Your emotions are there to guide you. You believe that you can push aside your emotions for others needs, but this is not true. The emotions don't just go away. They are stored in our nervous system and in our brain to protect us from future suffering. There is good news! We can help you honor these emotions, and what your emotions are telling you, while being able to work with other people's needs and take care of important aspects of your needs YOURSELF! 

Each family system has its rules (expressed and not expressed) that we can easily get captured into with out noticing. We will help you peel away these layers so you can live a happy, content, fulfilling life in your strength, not through fear. 


We offer a compassionate, positive, nonjudgemental, and multicultural approach to help you empower yourself in your life! We will help you honor and heal your past wounds and move away from the narratives and behaviors you became accustom to based on these wounds. 

We will help you break free from your past to get to your strongest and most resilient SELF!

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