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Getting Started

Worried about Starting Therapy?We understand it can be stressful and overwhelming to think about having to be open and vulnerable with a stranger. We get it. We will make your therapy session a safe place, where you feel no judgment and have complete control if what you want to discuss. We will help you understand yourself better, in what your most authentic self is! With our physical location in convenient downtown Gaithersburg, we can offer you in-person sessions, or virtual sessions throughout Maryland and Virginia. Whether you prefer the in-person experience or the comfort and convenience of your own home we can provide safe, and effective, supportive therapy. We believe the therapy relationship between the therapist and the client is one of trust and working together. You now yourself better than anyone else and believe it is a partnership in the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I expect?

For many, the idea of therapy can be very stressful. We understand the unknown can be anxiety provoking. We will begin by doing an initial assessment of the aspects of your life that are challenging and the goals you would like to get from therapy. We want to get to know you more deeply during the process, these layers should come naturally during the process. During the session we discuss what is on your mind. You are in control of the discussion and content. As we begin to see ways to help you get closer to your goals we will assist you in these aspects through educating, appropriate tools and guidance on perspectives and narratives. Therapy is not an easy process, it can be hard to bring up painful experiences. It can get harder before it gets better. We have to bring the pain to the surface to heal it. Our intention and hope is to help you heal and guide you to a calmer, more positive and confidence in your inner and outer world.  Therapy is a collective process, no one knows you better than you! We work together through each step. Everyone comes into this world with gifts and purpose, let us help you find yours!

What type of therapy do you use?

We use an eclectic combination of many different tools and theories. We meet the client with what they need the most. Among our many tools, we use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, psychoeducation to help with the current suffering and symptoms. In the larger picture we incorporate psychodynamic and existential to heal the past wounds and find purpose in the persons life. We listen to the goals of each client and tailor the treatment to what the client is most looking for to build their most fulfilling life. 

Do you offer Virtual and in-person services?


We offer both virtual and in-person. Virtual services are HIPAA compliant and we suggest a reliable internet connection and computer with camera and microphone. Please ensure you have a quiet space for a confidential conversation.

For in-person sessions we ask that you are either vaccinated or wearing a mask for everyone's safety. 

How do I schedule an appointment and get necessary forms?


You can access our client portal to schedule your session. The first step is for us to do an initial consultation to make sure we are a good fit for your needs. This is a phone call or virtual 15 minute connection. We want to make sure we can properly assist you with your needs and goals. Once we agree to work together we will schedule your first full session. This can be in-person or virtual sessions.  The necessary forms will be sent to you for signatures and can be accessed, filled out and signed in our client portal. No need to print, fill out and scan. You can also pay your bill in the client portal, or set up auto payment. Typically the session schedule is at the same day/time each week, however the schedule can be flexible and sessions can be set up and changed in the client portal, for your convenience.  

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