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Miran Dalley, LGPC

About Us:

At The Inner Self Healing Center, LLC we believe in health as a WHOLE system. We take an holistic approach bringing together the mind-body connection. When we feel our truest, most confident self, the brain and body follows. When we can trust ourselves, our anxiety and narratives calm and we can feel safe in ourselves. This allows us to feel content, safe and be able to enjoy our lives and the pleasures in it. 

Miran Dalley

Welcome! I am are so glad you are here. Together we will work to find your happiness! 

My purpose is to empower women and couples who are struggling to find joy and confidence in life.


Many people tell me they believe they are living the life that should make them happy, but it is not and they do not know why. People often believe that only if…. (having more money, kids get older, spouse gets help, the boss or a family members stops acting crazy,  etc) their lives would be calm and they could enjoy it more.  If I ask my new client who they are, what gifts they bring to the world and what makes them truly happy, they often have no idea. I've been there. 

That is simply not true. We are enough. We are perfect in exactly who we are meant to be. We are our best selves when we are feeling fulfilled, happy, and content, and only we can give it to OURSELVES. Others can support us, love us, and bring better into our lives. When we love ourselves, others can truly love us. 


                                                           My Personal Journey


I was married to a great man, rocking real estate, living in a vibrant area yet I was unhappy. I believed my most fulfilling life was to take care of others, because that is what I did best. That was what I believed would make me happy. I was a caretaker, a nurture, empathic. I loved helping people get to their next chapters. Yet, I was always preparing for the worst, never feeling safe. I was putting out fires all of the time, no matter how much I worked, cared, prepared it was never enough. I learned this narrative was a fear based narrative. 

I began to trust what my body was telling me. I began to trust my understanding of experiences and trust that while I could be empathic and help others, I had to acknowledge my needs, dreams and desires first. I learned I could trust my SELF. My body followed. When I felt safe in my emotions, my intuition, I was then courageous enough to take a leap and go after my dream job. I thrived. I am always learning and growing both professionally and personally but it comes from a curiosity to grow and be the best I can be, not out of fear of being inadequate or fear of losing. 


 I am now grounded, safe, positive, confident, fulfilled even when life doesn’t go perfectly. I trust me. I have helped others go through this same journey. For many it doesn’t take a major change, just a change in mindset, rerouting the brain. I can help you too.



My Education & Experience Background


I graduated from Hood College with a master’s degree in counseling, specializing in Clinical & Mental Health.

I have worked extensively with adults in all stages in their lives, trying to find themselves. I have helped many teenagers experiencing intense emotions and parents trying to do their best in helping them. I have run Dialectical behavioral groups and trained individual clients to use these skills. I specialize in ADHD and neurodivergent brain challenges and needs. As anxiety and depression are the most common forms of presenting symptoms, I work with a combination of many tools to help with each person's situation and feelings. I use CBT and DBT to help lessen or alleviate symptoms. I use attachment and psychodynamic to work to understand and heal the wounds caused by emotional history and trauma. I incorporate the mind-body connection to change their wounds into more positive functioning. I work with mindfulness to calm the nervous system. I work with existential to find your soul purposes and using your gifts in the world for a deeply fulfilling future. I work with the individual as a WHOLE for emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual fulfillment.


I incorporate the same themes for each person in a couple in our couples work. I help each person honor and value their needs, history, and experience so each person is their strongest self. When each person in a relationship is their strongest self, their communication, trust, connection becomes deeper and the relationship is stronger and more fulfilling.  have trained with the Gottman Institute and Emotionally Focused couple’s therapy. This means, I use well established, researched, and proven systems to help couples get into the relationship they want and DESERVE. When each part is strong, the couple is strong. I bring unconditional, positive regard to each partner and their experiences. I am addiction trained and can help heal from addictions and affairs (or any other form of betrayal). Let me help you feel safe with each other again.





My pug, Leia is often by my side. You will hear her snoring in telehealth sessions, and occasionally comes to the office with me. She loves kids and all attention. When I am not working, I am spending time with my family, going for a run, doing yoga or meditation. I know I am my best self for my clients and loved ones when I am regularly grounding myself. I love to travel. When I’m around nature and water I am at my absolute best.







Why Work With Me?


I have been there. I know what it is like to be where you are, and how to help empower you to get where you want to be. I know each person does their absolute best to navigate what they need in life, so there is NEVER any judgement. Your emotions are valid. I can help you honor them and YOURSELF. I will help you feel safe enough to be able to enjoy your life again. Let me help you find your positive joy again.



Next Steps


I am so honored that you have taken the time to read about me and how I can be support for you. You can schedule your FREE initial consultation online in our client portal. If you are more comfortable or have any additional questions or concerns, you can call, text or email us. We look forward to beginning this journey with you.

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Stuart Harper, healer

    Meet Our Team

         Stuart Harper
           Healer, him/he
Dr. Shannon Shoemaker
          Site Supervisor
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We look forward to connecting with you soon! 
Mission Staemen & Values

Mission Statement & Company Values

We want you to feel comfortable in trusting the vulnerability in opening yourself up to the therapy process.  We believe visability into our company will help you trust that you are in good hands with this journey. 



Our Mission Statement: 

Transforming the lives of individuals and couples by empowering them to discover their strongest self. We do this  by honoring and supporting the healing journey of the past, so they can move forward creating their most authentic life with clarify, peace and harmony. 

Company Values:


  • Excel in Competence & Professionalismwe will never take on a client we do not know we can help. We will refer any clients that we don't feel fully competent to help. We would rather have happy clients then full schedules. 


  • Supervision/Consultation: Always making sure we are at our best emotionally, physically and financially so we are OUR strongest selves for our clients. This includes our own self care. 


  • Never Finish LearningWhile we have extensive training, and experience, we engage in constant learning, and growing both professionally and personally. We will never be too confident to believe we know it all. We always want to be learning in the counseling field and what our clients need from us. We are open to feedback and other's perspectives. 


  • Honesty & Integrity: The work with the clients will always be due to our professional belief that what is being done or suggested is in the best interest of the client's needs.This will be the number one priority, and not the financial gain or otherwise of the company. 

These are the foundations to our company. We promise these values to our clients and everyone in and in dealings with The Inner Self Healing Center, LLC. 

"Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one's being, but by integration of the contraries"

-Carl Jung

Begin your journey to becoming whole,        connect with us for FREE!

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