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Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive Person/Child

Are you or your child seen as a highly sensitive person? Do you experience outside stimulation and emotions intensely? Yes! It's actually a trait. Coined by Dr. Elaine Aron and found in many different animal species. Here are some of the signs of a Highly Sensitive Person or Child:

  • Intense Emotions

  • Experiences sounds, smells & temperatures that others do not

  • Often feels overwhelmed by crowds or parties 

  • Hates certain fabric or clothes

  • Picky eater 

  • Feels others emotions and moods

  • Aware of small changes of someone's appearance 

  • Notices small decorating changes in a room decoration 

  • Meltdowns or trouble falling asleep after a highly stimulating event


If you are saying "yes" to many of these, you or your child are likely a highly sensitive. We believe this is a superpower. Highly sensitives are often incredible to the people they love due to their empathic nature. However, the world can be overwhelming for them. When they become overstimulated, their nervous system can be frazzled and overwhelmed. They often seem "dramatic" about little things, or shy around others. 


These children often become highly anxious as they are having to prepare for all of the subtle nuances in their every day lives while taking on everyone else's emotions. Parents often feel concerned that their child is "too sensitive" for the world around them and feel the need to toughen them up, but highly sensitives are extremely affected by others disappointments in them and can create intense anxiety and emotional shut down. We can help you understand it and understand ways to live a more comfortable life. When the highly sensitive is at their best, they can give their gifts to the world, and feel confident and happy for it.  

When a highly sensitive is validated, and understands their needs, they can flourish. Since there is nothing more important than caring and helping others, they can do this while still caring for themselves and their goals for themselves. This honors their true, authentic natural selves, and they deserve to feel their best! 


Mother and Son
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