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Couple's Therapy

Let us help you heal your heart

  • Do you feel alone in your relationship? Not heard, or seen?


  • Have you lost the passion and bond you once had? Are you missing those days?

  • Has life taken you away from each other and you don’t know how to get back?


  • Do you both feel like you do not hear each other and rarely get what you need?


  • Are you often irritated with things that you used to overlook? Are you feeling like you are either nagging or letting important things go to keep the peace? Are you feeling or the other person is always disappointed?


  • It seems the loudest one is getting their way, and you just have to continue to suffer to be able to move on?



You started off seeing the best in each other, you began to build a life together knowing you had the same or similar visions. You tolerated a lot. Somewhere along the way, you lost each other. You feel alone in your relationship, not heard, and valued. You feel like the other person just doesn't understand your needs or really see you. You are often irritated at the little things now, there is less time for your compassion, more to be done each day. 

Often times time goes on, we become mom, dad, employee, sibling, daughter, son, in laws and so many roles you are always balancing between. Our loves ones suffering, is our suffering; their happiness is our happiness but no one seems happy. You feel like you are giving your all, but it's never enough. You feel like you are constantly hurting each other, but don't know how else to be heard. 

We can help you get back to the partnership you wanted. We can help you communicate and bond again. We can help you get back to the compassionate loves you once were. We all come into our relationships with our history, experiences, traumas, narratives of what we need and what we want in our lives. Sometimes life can take us away from this happiness that we saw in our present and future. 

We can help you communicate, heal and be able to deal with challenges when they come. If you are wanting to heal from an affair, betrayal, addiction or just because time has created wounds and resentments, we can help you. You BOTH deserve to be happy! Let us help you navigate these layers so you can have the relationship you want and DESERVE!


We use Gottman trained Couples counseling techniques, and Emotionally focused system therapy for techniques that have proven over decades to be effective. We honor the history and needs each person brings to the relationship. We believe everyone's experience is valid and they have done what they needed to make it this far. ​

Let us help you get  back to the loving, fun & bonded couple you once were. You DESERVE happiness!

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