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Career Opportunities

We are looking to hire licensed professional counselors and provisionally licensed counselors for both full time and part time positions. Must be an LCPC or LGPC in the state of MD.

You are a good fit if:



  • You know who you are, you have done a good amount of self work, whether with a professional (therapist, coach, mentor) and/or on your own (books, workshops, etc)



  • You show up as a therapist in an authentic way, you are just as mindful of your own self as you are of the clients you are servicing



  • You embody a calm and welcoming presence and people feel comfortable opening up to you



  • You employ various therapeutic modalities and are open to learning and working in various ways. Some of the more popular modalities in our practice include: psychodynamic psychotherapy, person centered psychotherapy, ACT, MI, CBT/REBT/DBT



  • You understand the deep and healing process of therapy and are not looking to “quickly fix” your clients



  • You are open to learning and evolving as a therapist and enjoy being part of a community



  • You are organized and tenacious, you enjoy the independence of private practice and you are self motivated



  • You don’t want the hassle of contacting insurance companies, doing the billing, etc, you just want to use your skills to treat clients

                    **Experience is not necessary to apply! 



You are not a good fit if:


  • You are looking for a way to make some money quickly and think private practice is an easy way to do that. Private practice takes commitment, determination and a “go getter” attitude


  • You just want to get your license and then move on. Ideally we want someone who wants to stay and grow with us


  • You don’t enjoy supervision or being part of a community of therapists. You’d rather just do your own work without welcoming feedback



  • You already feel burnt out by the field and have a hard time keeping up with tasks such as note writing, following up with clients, etc. If you feel this way but want to get out of “burn out land”, we can work together to achieve this!

To apply

To apply send resume to



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