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Healing Heart Dating Program

Are you trying to find a solid, loving partnership on the dating apps and feeling hopeless and frustrated? We've designed this program especially for people who are feeling lost, hopeless and overwhelmed in finding love. We can help!


Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals of all dating profiles, races, and identities find the love they want and deserve. We will help guide you in understanding your own needs, and others as you navigate this confusing, highly emotional process. 

With all of the pop culture definitions of attachment, narcissism and red flags the dating world can be scary.


You give your all to the process, only to be disappointed time and time again.


You want to find a good partner but are feeling more hopeless each day!

Our programs can help! 

We can help you navigate your own internal needs, history and help you be more intentional in the process!

We can help you understand others intentions and what a red flag truly is for you!

We can help you navigate when to commit and how to build a solid relationship foundation. 

You deserve to feel safe and loved.


Yes, you are LOVABLE!



Yes it is possible! 


How we work:

We have 3 tiers available for you, based on your needs at budget:

On Demand Course
Working on Rooftop

Dive right in to our on demand course. Here you will learn about:

-your own needs and why you need them

-how to understand others actions and behaiors

-determine how to intentionally make decisions along the way

-learn when to commit and how to begin to build a solid foundation in your new relationship. 

Additional Services to the course:

While you are going through the course, you will be working on assignments and reflections. Should you feel you need more support with these processes and while you are out in the dating wild, you got you!  Discounts if you sign up for the full package, but if you change your mind at any time, these supports can be added on as you feel you need. 

Facebook group: weekly lives with your Q&As

Need a little extra gudiance as you work on the topics in the course? We got you. This tier allows you access to the facebook group where you get free lives once a week to ask your questions and get direct answers! You also have the others in the group for extra community support

One on One coaching

Feel like you need a extra support? Get 6 one-on-one sessions to help pull apart the aspects during the course. This includes:

- 1 session prior to starting the course

- 4 sessions during the 5 videos of the course

-1 session to wrap up after the course is over to help you continue on your healthy journey

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