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Inner Self Healing Center

Individual & Couples Therapy

Maryland & Virginia


Welcome to the Inner Self Healing Center!  We believe each person has their most authentic and perfect self. When we honor our most authentic version of ourselves, we thrive. We believe in a holistic approach to being able to honor our authentic gifts, internal resources and values. Mental health challenges come when we have learned to navigate in the way we believe the world wants us to.

You are perfect just the way you are. Let us help you empower your best self! 

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are" 
- Carl Jung

Our Services:
Individual therapy in Gaithersburg, Individual therapy in Frederick, Virutal sessions Maryland, Anxiety, Emotions, Overwhelm, Adult Therapy, Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg

We all have our truest, most authentic SELF. We will create a safe place for you to find and honor your true, most fulfilling life and needs. We will help you heal your past, and empower yourself. You deserve to feel positive, confident and fulfilled!

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Couples & Marriage

We support and provide a safe place for you to navigate the challenge areas in your relationship. We will help support each partner to re-find the love and bond that you have lost. We can help get you unstuck in your challenges, so you can get back to that loving relationship you desire. ​

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Finding Love & Dating

You want to find love but the process is scary and frustrating. You have tried dating apps, being social and having your friends looking out for you but to no avail. You are giving your all to the process but have not found love and are feeling hopeless. WE CAN HELP! 

From the moment we are born, we record events and experiences in our brains, creating narratives about ourselves and the world around us. This includes positive and negative events, but the brain especially remembers the negative. This is its natural way to keep us safe. When we honor our past experiences but change the mindset to a place of empowerment we begin to see that we ARE SAFE. We are perfect just the way we are and we can navigate life with an intention instead of a fear base. 

Wherever you are in your life right now, you can regain your power. We will help you find your inner light and strength. You are perfect just the way you are and we can help you find it again. 

"I will not rescue you,
for you are not powerless. 
I will not fix you.
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you.
For I see you in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light." 


Inner Self Healing Center is committed to helping individuals embrace their inner strength and rise above their pain. Our mission is to create a safe space where people can explore their emotions and learn to empower themselves. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and growth today.

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