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Calm Waters

Individual & Couples Psychotherapy 
                Serving Maryland & Virginia

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are" C. Jung

Do Any Of These Resonate with you?

Stress, emotions, overwhelm, therapy
  • You built the life you wanted, but you are not feeling fulfilled and excited anymore. The passion and hope is gone. Now it's just worry and overwhelm all of the time. ​​


  • ​Your day consists of taking care of everyone else, because your loved one’s happiness is your happiness, yet it is never enough. You are always falling short. ​​


  • ​You see everyone else’s social media, they look happy, in love, their children look like they are flourishing. You feel like your family is a hair away from falling apart, so it must mean you are not doing enough. 


  •  You believe if you were a better parent, worker, partner, friend, or child it would all be going better. 

  •  You believe if you were something (smart, patient, organized, kind, more confident, stronger mentally etc) more, things would be smooth and great.

                                                     You are NOT broken!

None of these experiences are because you are broken, or could be anything better. You are NOT inadequate. This is because you have lost your SELF. We all have gifts to bring into the world. You deserve to feel that your true self is strong, resilient, valuable and worthy of your best life.




 Imagine a life where:


  • You enjoy the life that you built for yourself and your loved ones. 


  • You can be present in the moments of your life, feeling strong that whatever comes you will know you will be able to trust your intuition to guide you. 

  • You can get rest and being able to relax because you have had a fulfilling day. You feel safe. 


  • You can get what you need in your life along with being able to make others you love happy too.

  • You can find greater sense of joy in your life.

  • You can gain a calm, confidence and reassurance in the person you are meant to be!

Imagine feeling happy & peaceful authentically!

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​We will help you heal your past and empower you for a better future!

Our therapy embraces a holistic approach, focusing on the entire self – including emotional, physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects – for comprehensive healing. We explore how our life narratives, shaped for self-protection, may not always reflect truth. By recognizing our inner strengths, resilience, and unique qualities, we rebuild these narratives on a foundation of trust and safety, reducing anxiety and fear.

You deserve a life filled with harmony, peace, and the recognition of your talents. Embrace your truest self, experiencing joy and calm courage. Our individual therapy process aims to heal your past and empower you for a fulfilling present and future.


"I built a life of my very own. I did it by resurrecting the very parts of myself I was trained to mistrust, hide and abandon in order to keep others comfortable:


My emotions

My intuition

My courage


Those are the keys to freedom..

Those are WHO WE ARE.

Will we be brave enough to unlock ourselves?

Will we be brave enough to set ourselves free?

Will we finally step out of our cages and say to ourselves, to our people and to the world: HERE I  AM"

-Gennon Doyle "Untamed"

Nice to meet you!
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I'm Miran Dalley and I started this center because I was JUST like you! I too thought I should be happy, I thought I built a life that would make me happy, a spouse, a budding career, a beautiful home but I was not happy and content, in fact I was the opposite.  

I did everything I could to change ME, because then it would all be good! 

What I finally realized is that I had to trust ME. I had to honor ME, I had to begin to listen to ME. My body was telling me, I just wasn't listening. 

I began to listen. I began to honor my boundaries and my own needs. I began to trust myself and finally went back to school to become my soul purpose as a therapist in my late 30s (it's NEVER too late). I now trust that what ever happens, I can navigate and honor my truest self every step of the way. I trust my intuition, I trust my emotions and I trust my courage. 

Now I am happy, fulfilled, grounded, passionate, excited, calm and giving the gifts the world that brings me joy every day, and honoring my own happiness and self care. 

Begin the therapy journey with me, I know I can help you get there too! 

Worried about Starting Therapy?
We understand it can be stressful and overwhelming to think about having to be open and vulnerable with a stranger. We get it. We will make your therapy session a safe place, where you feel no judgment and have complete control if what you want to discuss. We will help you understand yourself better, in what your most authentic self is! 

With our physical location in convenient downtown Gaithersburg, w
e can offer you in-person sessions, or virtual sessions throughout Maryland and Virginia. Whether you prefer the in-person experience or the comfort and convenience of your own home we can provide safe, and effective, supportive therapy. 

We believe the therapy relationship between the therapist and the client is one of trust and working together. You now yourself better than anyone else and believe it is a partnership in the process. 


Let us help you become who you truly are!
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Couples & Marriage
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We all have our truest, most authentic SELF. We will create a safe place for you to find and honor your true, most fulfilling life and needs. We will help you heal your past, and empower yourself. You deserve to feel positive, confident and fulfilled!

We support and provide a safe place for you to navigate the challenge areas in your relationship. We will help support each partner to re-find the love and bond that you have lost. We can help get you unstuck in your challenges, so you can get back to that loving relationship you desire. 

Discovery in one's sexuality and gender can be a confusing process, especially when society has certain "norms". This process  can be challenging when you are trying to figure out your own identity.You deserve a non-judgmental, safe place to process all of your experiences.

Begin your journey to peace and fulfillment today, schedule your FREE initial consultation
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