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Alexi Smith
       MS, RBT, LGPC

More about Alexi

Alexi's deep compassion, empathy, and serene soul make him well-equipped to help others who are deeply suffering. Watching those around him during his lifetime who were dealing with mental health and life challenges, created a drive to help others who are deeply suffering.  He had always held a profound curiosity about understanding people at a deep level and felt a strong desire to assist those who were enduring hardships. Following the completion of his BA., he embarked on a journey in the field engaging in various settings such as schools, psychiatric units, and residential programs to aid those in need. However, despite his efforts, he found himself only able to alleviate symptoms rather than truly grasping the underlying experience of individuals and assisting them from a strength-based perspective. Motivated to address the root causes of individual suffering, Alexi made the decision to pursue his master's in mental health counseling at Hood College.


Drawing upon his diverse range of disciplines he strives to validate the unique experience of each person and meet them at their current stage of personal growth. Whether it involves addressing past traumas, fostering genuine and meaningful relationships, or transforming detrimental behavioral patterns, he employs a diverse array of tools to help them formulate an action plan. Alexi's ultimate goal is to empower each client to reach their fullest potential and live a life that aligns with their values and strengths. In his approach, he adopts a holistic perspective, encompassing emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. He firmly believes in working from a perspective grounded in individual strengths, recognizing that each person possesses the internal resources and skills necessary to thrive.

Clinical experience includes:



Art Therapy

Music Therapy
Attachment Styles



Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


ABA Therapy


Grief Counseling



What others have said about working with Alexi

" I've gotten a lot out of our sessions"


- current client

"Alexi is easy to talk to, I have enjoyed our sessions"


-graduated client

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